Brands: identity, positioning, communication
Products: colors, materials, shapes and more

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Elaborating product identity & development strategy
Designing and defining strategic directions regarding a brand’s identity from mass to luxury.

Analysis, brainstorming and prospecting
We help our clients to understand the past to better visualize the future, and we accompany them throughout the thought process. We seek to grasp the nature of the company, why and how it functions. We approach heritage and know-how and suggest different evolution solutions based on the Edelkoort group twenty year- knowledge of trends, markets and competition.

Trend studies, work on concepts and product development
With our expertise in identifying and analyzing fashions and lifestyles trends, we create lifestyles studies based on consumers attitudes and socio-cultural phenomena and inspire product development in categories of design such as apparel, accessories, industrial design, beauty, automotive and many more.

We work in osmosis with our clients, always providing made-to-measure, unique work.

Color and fabric inspiration
We define innovative colour ranges and harmonies, customized to the brand’s identity. We lead fabric and material research (appearances, textures, performance…) providing the relevant attributes for products.

New language
Whether it concerns work on iconography, sound or scent, or even a study about naming, we help clients define a brand’s language.

Graphics, packaging & communications
As a complement to strategies or product development projects, we offer consulting on product design and graphics, packaging (2D and 3D), advertising concepts and events, and we develop forums for trade fairs.