online fashion forecast, download winter 2013-14 trends for $500

online fashion forecast

Lidewij Edelkoort and Trend Union  announce their first online trend service

A perfect tool for those who are starting up their company, designers in emerging economies, young stylists and even students as well as curious DIY amateurs keen on keeping track of trends.

Clients will be able to access 8 important winter trends for womenswear and menswear, expressed through the inspiring images and texts that have made Trend Union one of the world’s most accurate forecasting studios. Images of garment designs, details & silhouettes will indicate clear lifestyle directions, accompanied by 8 colour stories especially designed by Edelkoort.

Photographs of textiles that Edelkoort has sourced around the world will show how fabrics will become more creative and have depth, with mills rediscovering the joy of weaving. Imaginative printing, performant jerseys and beautiful colours each leave their mark on this autumn and winter season.

Formal styles and evening embellishments will blur the frontiers of traditional use, transitioning freely from night to day and back again, bridging formal and casual, and redefining last century’s outdated understanding of what eveningwear should be. Energetic and optimistic, inventive and even avant-garde, a creative mentality will inspire the design of products around our lifestyles and our relationships, forging the building blocks of the social landscapes of the future.

In addition, an online personalized trend service is available upon request coaching you through the folders and explaining the essence of the trends.


coupon number is  21 for clients located in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Please contact T+1-212-420-7622 with questions

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